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What is “Executive Function” in Memory for Seniors?

It’s no secret that many seniors struggle with memory loss. The Institute for Dementia Research & Prevention estimates that 1 in 6 women and 1 in 10 men who are over the age of

Activities that Keep Your Mind Sharp

As we age, we begin to experience a gradual decline in our physical health that is sometimes accompanied by a decline in our memory and cognition. Fortunately, the right medical alarm can help keep

An Independent Lifestyle – The Number One Concern

Many seniors grapple with health issues that make it difficult for them to maintain the same level of independence they enjoyed in their younger years. This loss of independence is often one of the

Senior Living at its Best

Without the pressures of the typical 40-hour workweek they were experiencing before retirement, many seniors find themselves with lots of free time and a flexible schedule. In retirement, older adults are finally free to

The Right Medical Alert System: How to Choose?

Elderly alert systems make it possible to get life-saving help on the way almost immediately in the event of heart attack, stroke, fall, or other medical emergency. But, with so many different systems on

Elder Care – New Technology Means Greater Freedom for Caregivers

As the population ages, more people are finding themselves in the role of part-time or full-time caregiver for an elderly parent or relative. Even senior citizens who choose to live independently may need someone

How to Make Retirement the Best Time of Life

Retirement doesn’t mean that your active years are over. On the contrary, many Baby Boomers retiring today plan to make their sunset years the best years of their lives. And why not? With newfound

Seniors Make the Best Mentors

As a senior, you’ve spent decades on the earth, accumulating knowledge and wisdom. But now that you’re retired, how can you put all that experience to good use? One way that seniors are finding

Volunteering: Seniors in Action

With medical advances keeping seniors healthy and active for longer, retirement no longer has to mean the end of a productive life. AARP even goes so far as to call retirement a second career,

Getting the Most Out of Your Retirement

Retiring baby boomers are one of the fastest growing segments of the society, and are different from the retirees of the past. Rather than choosing to spend the “golden years” puttering, modern seniors are