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Sports-Obsessed Seniors

Baseball and football are the most popular sports in America, and following your favorite players and teams makes life more interesting and enjoyable. Whether you enjoy watching Monday night football or have a long-standing

Keep on Reading to Keep Your Mind Healthy

Reading can be a skill, a hobby, a profession, or a passion. There are books, magazines, and journals to meet every taste and preference. Reading can transport you to different places and times and

Exciting New Technology: Medical Alert Watches

Modern technology continues to bring more effective health and security systems for seniors. The latest generation of systems now being developed includes medical alert watches that track your location, along with a range of

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Spending time with family and friends is always a reason to celebrate. When you add tradition and turkey, the celebration becomes a truly special event. For seniors, the holidays are especially important as they

Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine?

Nothing is more fun than the experience of being deeply amused and breaking into uncontrollable laughter. In fact, it is now well-established that laughter truly IS good medicine! Recent studies reveal that laughter is

Tech Solutions to Protect Grandma and Grandpa

When dealing with aging loved ones, it can be hard to find a balance between keeping them happy and independent and keeping them safe. With longer lifespans, more effective medications, and increased rates of

Watching Over Your Aging Relatives: New Technology Makes It Easier

As our parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents age, they require additional support and care. Taking care of aging relatives can often turn into a full-time job. Technology helps make all our lives easier, and

Seniors and Pets — A Love Story

There are few joys life can bring like the love of a pet, regardless of age. Wagging tails and gentle purrs are comforting. Caring for a pet takes time, dedication, attention, and care, which

Seniors and Depression: Natural Solutions

Depression is a serious matter, especially for seniors. People over 50 experience depression differently and the symptoms may be easy to overlook. Life can become very isolated for seniors. With limited income, access and

A Positive Attitude Means a Longer Life

Some people are born on a sunny day, they see the glass half full, and live life with rose-colored glasses. For those lucky individuals, a positive outlook may result in a longer life. New
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