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Driving Safety Tips for Seniors

A common point of conflict for seniors and their loved ones is determining when it’s time to put away the keys and stop driving. Most seniors strive to maintain some semblance of independence, and

Walking: The Ultimate Exercise for Seniors

Staying fit and active is crucial to maintaining health and wellness for seniors. Regularly walking can provide a multitude of health benefits that are important for the aging body and mind. Falls are a

Activities that Keep Your Mind Sharp

As we age, we begin to experience a gradual decline in our physical health that is sometimes accompanied by a decline in our memory and cognition. Fortunately, the right medical alarm can help keep

Elder Care – New Technology Means Greater Freedom for Caregivers

As the population ages, more people are finding themselves in the role of part-time or full-time caregiver for an elderly parent or relative. Even senior citizens who choose to live independently may need someone

How to Make Retirement the Best Time of Life

Retirement doesn’t mean that your active years are over. On the contrary, many Baby Boomers retiring today plan to make their sunset years the best years of their lives. And why not? With newfound

Baby Boomers: A Fun, Active Retirement

Baby Boomers are retiring at the rate of approximately 10,000 per day. By the year 2030, nearly 73 million Americans age 65 and older will make up more than 20% of the U.S. population.

Getting the Most Out of Your Retirement

Retiring baby boomers are one of the fastest growing segments of the society, and are different from the retirees of the past. Rather than choosing to spend the “golden years” puttering, modern seniors are

Age is a State of Mind, Right?

Mavis, a widow, had been anticipating her retirement from her corporate job for a few years, and now it was going to happen in a week. She had many plans that included travel, exercise

Retirement? Bring It On.

You may have heard of the “way it’s supposed to be,” i.e. you’re born, you grow up, you work, raise a family, retire, then die. If that’s the way you are thinking, then you

Modern Senior Care Strategies from Denmark: Should We Change Our Approach?

Denmark has been receiving attention for its national policy of moving away from providing nursing homes for its aging population and instead putting their energies into creating a system that helps the elderly remain