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Remote Monitoring for Senior Health

Joe lives alone. He’s 72 years old and a widow. Retired, he spends as much time in the garden as possible. He also enjoys cooking, visiting with neighbors, and seeing his grandchildren when they

Senior Living: A New Era of Freedom

Just because Jack, a 72-year-old retired teacher, can’t jog 10 miles anymore, he still enjoys walking 3 miles several times a week around his neighborhood and is the picture of health. He and his

USA-Based Monitoring Centers−It Matters

Today’s medical alert systems are a world apart from the systems available 40 years ago. Where once they only featured a button on a base, today’s best medical alert systems have the capability of

Seniors Go Tech Savvy

It used to be that as people entered their golden years, it was expected they would retire, slow down, and settle for a much more sedentary life. This scene has changed dramatically in recent

Home Alert Systems Have Come a Long Way

Advances in technology have changed our way of life in the 21st Century, and home alert systems are no exception. Senior citizens who choose to live independently can do so more safely now than

Protect Your Loved One with a Medical Alarm

We understand why our elderly loved ones choose to live independently and on their own terms, but that doesn’t prevent us from worrying about them. The statistics speak for themselves — elderly people are

Find the Medical Alert Device that is Best for Your Lifestyle

A medical alert device is an important safeguard for seniors living independently. It is the best way to ensure rapid emergency medical response in a health crisis, which can make all the difference in

Elderly Alert Systems Protect against Dangerous Falls and Illnesses

When elderly people are living independently, their loved ones tend to worry about them – and with good reason. Statistically, seniors face a higher risk of stroke, heart attack, and other health emergencies than

Medical Alert Systems with GPS – Be Safe on the Go

In the past, medical alert system lifesaving technology was only effective within the home. If a person wearing a medical alert bracelet or pendant slipped and fell in the tub or collapsed with a

ADT Medical Alert System: From Home Security to Senior Safety

ADT is known for their home security systems – but ADT Health also provides outstanding personal security with high-tech medical alert systems. The ADT medical alert system provides 24/7/365 professional monitoring. For seniors who