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USA-Based Monitoring Centers−It Matters

Today’s medical alert systems are a world apart from the systems available 40 years ago. Where once they only featured a button on a base, today’s best medical alert systems have the capability of

Automated Fall Protection – A Safety Feature That Makes Sense

70-year-old George was tending his garden, as he’s always done for many years. In fact, he could not imagine living where he couldn’t practice his green thumb skills as often as weather permitted. On

Good News for Seniors Living Alone

If you are a senior, living alone and without any type of medical alert system, you could be in danger if you suffer a fall, have a heart attack or stroke, choke, or experience

Safety Issues Seniors Face Every Day

As we age, activities and movements naturally become more difficult, and sometimes impossible. Our bodies are not as responsive as they were when we were younger, and it can be discouraging to find that

How to Find the Best Medical Alert System for Active Seniors

More and more seniors are remaining independent and leading active lives into their golden years, and modern medical alert systems incorporate features for those who are more active. Technological advances in the medical alert

Med Alert Systems That Go Above and Beyond

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and is reflected in the options and features integrated into many medical alert systems. One of the key improvements in recent years has been expanded range, allowing

A Senior Medical Alert: All the Bells and Whistles

Over the past few decades, medical alert technology has saved the lives of countless individuals. Today’s senior medical alert systems are incredibly important for older individuals who choose to lead active, independent lives. In

Saving Lives: Senior Alert Systems

More and more modern American seniors are choosing to live independently. This means staying in your own home and managing your own day-to-day activities. But, many seniors face physical and medical challenges that affects

Home Alert Systems Have Come a Long Way

Advances in technology have changed our way of life in the 21st Century, and home alert systems are no exception. Senior citizens who choose to live independently can do so more safely now than

Protect Your Loved One with a Medical Alarm

We understand why our elderly loved ones choose to live independently and on their own terms, but that doesn’t prevent us from worrying about them. The statistics speak for themselves — elderly people are