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Alzheimer’s & Mobile Alert Systems


With the advance of medical alert technology, it is now possible to take your system with you wherever you go, providing monitoring as you move about. Such a mobile alert system is perfect for the active senior. But it is also a necessity for seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease.

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The greatest fear for caregivers and family members of Alzheimer’s sufferers is that they will wander away and forget how to get home. There are stories like this in the news every day; often times they end with a tragic discovery.

But such stories can have happy endings if seniors have a mobile alert system. The unit is about the size of a deck of cards. It has GPS and cellular technology built right in. So if Alzheimer’s patients realize they are lost, all they have to do is press the help button on the device or the alert button around their neck or wrist. They will be connected with the central monitoring facility. The monitor will know who the seniors are, and more importantly, where they are. Help would be sent immediately,

If seniors are not even cognizant that they are lost, a mobile alert system can still be of great help. Let’s say someone sees a senior wandering aimlessly on the street. Even if he or she cannot provide any information, the Good Samaritan could just press the alert button and talk to the monitor, thus ensuring the senior’s safe return to their loved ones.

Alzheimer’s is an awful disease. There are very few ways to treat it and certainly there is no way to cure it. It just keeps getting worse and worse until the seniors is completely debilitated. If a mobile alert system can help such a senior live even a little bit of a better life, it would be money well spent.

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