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Caring for your Elderly Relative


Either suddenly or gradually, you may now be finding yourself taking on a new role, that of caregiver for an elderly relative.

Elderly needs cover a wide range, from simply checking in on mom who lives alone but plays tennis and grocery shops to around-the-clock help for Uncle Fred who has become unsteady on his feet, but insists on continuing to live out his life in his home. The burden often falls squarely on relatives or friends. With personal emergency response system, any emergency can be handled very quickly, even if no one else is around.

New Technology Provides Support for Caregivers

In the blink of an eye, your 87-year-old mother could trip while walking across the carpet, which could potentially result in serious, or even fatal, injuries. With a personal emergency response system in place, she can press a button on a pendant or bracelet and immediately be in contact with an operator who can send EMTs to help. Some systems don’t even require the press of a button if a full occurs—it’s immediately detected through advanced technology, with emergency services dispatched at once.

A personal emergency response system is exactly that: a direct communication line to a trained operator who will do what is necessary, including sending responders or just calling a neighbor or relative, to deal with a problem that arises. These systems are so much more sophisticated now that they can truly bring relief from worry, and quickly dispatched emergency help.

These systems involve a base unit installed in the home with an emergency call button. More advanced systems are portable and can work outside the home. If a fall, heart attack, stroke, seizure or other crisis occurs, help is on the way.

Explore the Options!

As a caregiver, you should learn about the different systems available and find the one that best fits your elderly relative’s needs. Whether your relative lives alone, rarely leaving the home or yard, or is very active, out and about in the community, a personal emergency response system can be found to suit the needs of the individual. This is truly a new era of safe and independent living for seniors.

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