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Medical Alarm Monitoring for All Seniors


Many people think that a medical alert system is only for the most frail of seniors. After all, the thinking goes, they can barely take care of themselves and they need help. That might be true, but every senior, regardless of their health and physical condition, can benefit from medical alarm monitoring.

medical alarm monitoring

Certainly, those particularly frail elderly people would be more likely to have medical alarm monitoring because the chances that they would have a medical emergency is higher than those seniors who are in better health. But that does not mean other seniors should not have a medical alert system, either.

Perhaps you are a healthy senior who lives alone. There is a chance that one day your health will fail or you will suffer a serious fall. Sometimes there is just no warning. It is these types of situations where having medical alarm monitoring could literally save your life.

Most seniors want to remain independent, and this could be an impediment to getting a medical alert system. Many seniors feel they are giving up part of that independence if they get medical alarm monitoring. Quite the contrary. Having a medical alert system can enhance your independence because there is always someone watching over you. And the best part is it is protection that is invisible to you and anyone else around you.

Studies have shown that a medical alert system helps people remain in their own homes longer than those who do not have medical alarm monitoring. And that is the goal, isn’t it?

Seniors need to accept that they are getting older and might need some help. It is a difficult thing to do, but you do not want to find out when it is too late that the help was available, and you were too stubborn to take it.

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