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Modern Senior Care Strategies from Denmark: Should We Change Our Approach?


Denmark has been receiving attention for its national policy of moving away from providing nursing homes for its aging population and instead putting their energies into creating a system that helps the elderly remain in their homes for as long as possible. This is made more possible by utilizing community-based services that provide in-home assistance, such as physical therapy, medication disbursement, and basic needs assistance, among others.

More Seniors Aging at Home

The U.S. has been tracking along this same strategy as well. In fact, 80% of elderly citizens receive some form of assistance to help with various levels of disability while living in a residence, instead of a nursing home. And while community-based services are becoming more the norm, there is an additional system that fits into this “aging in place” strategy: an emergency medical alert.

With an alert system, the individual need only wear a necklace pendant or bracelet that has an emergency call button. A small base system installed in the home is the control center, so that if a fall, heart attack, seizure or other crisis occurs, a push of the button will immediately connect the senior to a trained operator, who will summon emergency help if needed.

Of course, there are those seniors 65+ who are not frail, and in fact are out and about much of their days. You can find them shopping, golfing, dancing, and traveling all over the world. But reality being what it is, bodies don’t last forever and quickly or slowly, will start to deteriorate and lose strength, agility, and immunity.

Great news! There are emergency medical alerts that can operate outside the home too, wherever you are. A senior can still maintain a large measure of independence with an alert system that follows along unobtrusively. Some of these systems include GPS monitoring, so a person can be found quickly during a crisis. There is also fall protection available, so that operators are alerted to a fall without the person having to push a button. In fact, if the person is unable to speak, the operator can still summon help.

Seniors Stay Relevant and Independent While Remaining Safe

It’s good to know that Denmark and other countries, along with the U.S., are thinking along the same lines regarding how to take care of their elderly in modern ways. Our elderly citizens worldwide are a rich source of knowledge and experience for those generations following, and the more we can honor and care for them, the better we all will be. With an emergency medical alert system, an efficient safeguard is put in place, fulfilling some basic needs without resorting to expensive nursing homes that aren’t needed or wanted by many seniors.

Take the time to review the various alert systems available. Help your loved ones move more smoothly into their golden years with love, dignity, and safety while maintaining their independence.

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