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More Safety Devices for Elderly


We have written before about safety devices for elderly folk. Well, there are so many things you can do to keep yourself safer that we need another article to give more information!

Safety Devices for Elderly

In our previous article we covered grab bars and lighting. Well, another safety concern you might not think about is slipping on an area rug. Many people have these smaller rugs scattered throughout the house. If the rug is on a hardwood or tile floor, it is very easy for the rug to slip out from under you as you step on it. Such a fall could lead to serious injuries like a broken hip. And as we all know, that is usually the beginning and end of things for many seniors.

You can combat this household problem by placing a non-slip pad under the rug. These somewhat tacky pads attach themselves to the rug and the floor, making an accidental slip impossible — simple safety devices for elderly people.

Many seniors cannot survive without their medications. Yet it is so easy and common  for seniors to forget to take their pills. There are various pill reminder gadgets out there that will let you know when to take your life-saving meds.

There are many medical alert systems that have pill reminder services offered as an option. Even if you do not need that, an alert system could be the among the best safety devices for elderly people available. No other device can call for help in the event of an emergency. Of course, a phone could do that. But a senior could be in such a panic or have suffered a serious health ailment that they cannot dial a phone for help. In these cases, pressing a simple button on a medical pendant will do the trick.

Whatever device you decide to get, it is nice to know that there are things out there to help keep you happy and healthy.

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