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Watching the News – Is It Bad for Seniors?

According to a recent article in the New York Times, Life Time, a gym chain company with 130 locations in 27 states, made the decision to remove cable news programs from its large-screen TVs,

5 Simple Diet Changes that Make a Difference for Seniors

Our bodies change as we grow older. Senior citizens have different nutritional needs than younger people, and the way they eat needs to change to meet those needs. This does not mean that you

Memory Foods: Do They Work?

Most people over 50 have had the “brain fog” experience at least once or twice. Humorously known as “CRS” or a “senior moment,” it can happen to the best of us now and again.

Cats or Dogs: How Pets Can Help Keep You Healthy

Cats or dogs? It’s an age-old question and many people, seniors included, have strong feelings on both sides of that argument. Choosing a wagging tail or affectionate purrs is a personal choice. Regardless of

Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine?

Nothing is more fun than the experience of being deeply amused and breaking into uncontrollable laughter. In fact, it is now well-established that laughter truly IS good medicine! Recent studies reveal that laughter is

Seniors and Pets — A Love Story

There are few joys life can bring like the love of a pet, regardless of age. Wagging tails and gentle purrs are comforting. Caring for a pet takes time, dedication, attention, and care, which

A Positive Attitude Means a Longer Life

Some people are born on a sunny day, they see the glass half full, and live life with rose-colored glasses. For those lucky individuals, a positive outlook may result in a longer life. New

Lifelong Learning: Seniors Take to the College Campuses

It’s never too late to learn something new, and many seniors are taking college courses as part of their quest for lifelong learning. Even though university is often thought of as predominantly for younger

Seniors and Creativity: How Art Feeds the Soul

Many studies validate the benefits of artistic endeavors taken on by seniors. Of course, any age group can reap these benefits, but seniors can seemingly regain a new lease on life through artistic expression.

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