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Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

Medical alert systems for seniors can be potential lifesavers for elderly folks in the event of medical or other types of emergencies. They are an absolute necessity for seniors who live alone or with

Alert 1 Medical Alert System

We have reviewed the medical alert system from Alert 1 before, and we walked away quite impressed with its service. But in the ever-changing medical alert world, it is time to take a renewed

Cellular Medical Alert Systems

Until very recently, a senior needed a traditional telephone line in order to have a medical alert system. Realizing that is so 20th century, companies have adapted by literally cutting the cord and offering

Medical Alert Button: Crucial Equipment

Every piece of equipment connected to your medical alert system is important, from the base unit to its backup batteries. But perhaps the most important is your medical alert button; after all, if there

Do You Need Mobile Medical Alert System?

The latest technology in the medical alert industry is a mobile medical alert system that you can take with you wherever you go so you will always be within reach of a monitor. It

Bay Alarm Medical’s “Grumpy Grandpa”

The medical alert business is a serious one; after all, it is designed to save the lives of seniors in the event of an emergency. But Bay Alarm Medical has taken a whimsical approach

Why Seniors Need Home Health Alert Systems

It is difficult to get medical professionals to agree on anything. But one thing that brings them together is the necessity for seniors who are living alone to get home health alert systems. The

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Update

When we first reviewed the Bay Alarm Medical alert system, we were very impressed with the overall service. There was one thing we considered a shortcoming, however –customers needed a traditional phone line to

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