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“We Insist on Our Independence” — Modern Seniors Take Charge

Gene is 73 years old and still plays softball. 72-year-old Anita swims, takes art classes, cares for her horse, practices piano and cooks. Jack and Marie, 84 and 76 respectively, go ballroom dancing three

70 Is the New 40?

There is no doubt that individuals 65 years or older are, in general, more active than their counterparts 50 years ago. Advances in medicine have been largely responsible in creating this fantastic change. It

Medical Alert Devices

Medical Alert Devices There are a number of Medical Alert Systems to look into when shopping for the right device for you. Multiple devices are available from many companies. There are a variety of

Vast Array of Medical Alert Devices

A medical alert system is only as good as the equipment behind it. Here are the medical alert devices that comprise your alarm system, that are called into action in the event you are hit

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