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Seniors and a Healthy Diet: It Matters

Nutrition is important at any age, but even more so for seniors. Our bodies change as we get older and aging can affect the way we process food, our dietary needs, and our appetite.

Emergency Pendant — Original Wearable Tech

The latest trend in technology is called “wearable tech.” They are devices that you wear that monitor your health in one way or another. But while everyone is enamored with these new items, do

Fall Alarms for Seniors

You have probably heard this before — a third of all seniors in the United States will suffer a serious fall every year. The statistic could be dismissed as a cliché if it were

Medical Alarm Monitor Options

When you begin shopping for a medical alert system, you will quickly learn that the systems can range from the simple to the complex. Here are some medical alarm monitor options that you might want

Fall Alarm for Seniors

Studies show that a third of all seniors will suffer a serious fall every year. Often times these falls occur when a senior is alone and cannot get up and call for help. These

Who Needs Fall Detection for Seniors?

We have written extensively about medical alert systems that include fall detection for seniors. Some companies refuse to offer it, saying the technology has not been perfected to the point of reliability. Other companies

Vast Array of Medical Alert Devices

A medical alert system is only as good as the equipment behind it. Here are the medical alert devices that comprise your alarm system, that are called into action in the event you are hit

Importance of Medical Alarm Monitoring

You can go out and get the most sophisticated medical alert system with all of the bells and whistles that technology has to offer. But it is absolutely useless if the person who is

Medical Guardian Medical Alert Update

We have long been impressed with Medical Guardian. Its products and services rank among the best in the medical alert industry. But since we first completed the Medical Guardian Review of their medical alert

Taking a Medical Alert Anywhere You Go

New medical alert buttons and devices allow seniors to have the peace of mind that they can bring a medical alert bracelet or necklace anywhere they go.  Medical alert buttons including small bracelets or

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