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Why Watching the News Could Be Bad for Your Health

We are living in the information age, and while that has its advantages, it also means that we are constantly bombarded with disasters. We hear about shootings, crime, war, terrorism, human rights violations, violence,

RV Living: Seniors Seeing the USA

As better medical care and technology allow people to live longer, fuller lives even after retirement, the classic image of the retired couple passing the days sitting on their front porch watching the world

Seniors Sharing Knowledge: Mentoring Programs

Senior mentoring programs bring people of different generations together for the benefit of both. These programs in which older adults act as supportive role models for children and youth are a creative way to

The Pros and Cons of Senior Life

Retirement – what a relief! You finally have time to do all those things you have imagined – travel, hobbies, visiting, family, and just taking it easy, without the constant go-go-go. Even so, retirement

Age is a State of Mind, Right?

Mavis, a widow, had been anticipating her retirement from her corporate job for a few years, and now it was going to happen in a week. She had many plans that included travel, exercise

Retirement? Bring It On.

You may have heard of the “way it’s supposed to be,” i.e. you’re born, you grow up, you work, raise a family, retire, then die. If that’s the way you are thinking, then you

How an Emergency Call Button Can Save a Life

In a health crisis, prompt emergency medical treatment can greatly increase the patient’s chances for survival. When a life-threatening illness or injury occurs, such as dangerously low blood sugar, a serious head injury, a

Senior Care: A Medical Alert System for Safe Independent Living

There is no question that assisted living facilities can provide some protection for seniors. Someone is available in the event of an emergency to help ensure that an older person who becomes ill or

California Medical Alert

More seniors live in California than in any other state in the nation. By last count it was 4.4 million people over the age of 65 — 10% of the state’s entire population. While

Mobile Alert System for Seniors

Advances in medicine mean people are living longer and longer lives as the years go on. It also means seniors are remaining more active than they used to. Fortunately the medical alert industry has

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