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Seniors vs. Medical Alert Necklaces

There are many seniors who simply refuse to buy a medical alert system. Some cite cost, which is completely understandable. But others give a baffling reason; they just do not want to be seen

Vast Array of Medical Alert Devices

A medical alert system is only as good as the equipment behind it. Here are the medical alert devices that comprise your alarm system, that are called into action in the event you are hit

Different Types of Medical Alert Buttons

Perhaps the most integral parts of medical alert systems are the medical alert buttons that seniors always wear. After all, if there is a medical emergency that renders a person immobile and they cannot

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly

There is a fine line between being a senior citizen and being elderly. You can still be over 65 years of age and live a healthy and active lifestyle. However, being elderly infers that

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