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Tech Solutions to Protect Grandma and Grandpa


When dealing with aging loved ones, it can be hard to find a balance between keeping them happy and independent and keeping them safe. With longer lifespans, more effective medications, and increased rates of Alzheimer’s and dementia, many have real concerns about keeping grandma and grandpa safe and healthy. Luckily, the tech industry has stepped up to the plate to resolve some of these problems. Senior alert systems are more effective than ever and offer more and more features to resolve the many health and safety issues affecting aging loved ones.

Aging at Home

If asked, most people, regardless of age or level of health, prefer to live out their lives in their own homes if possible. Thankfully, there are many new high-tech solutions to help your loved one age comfortably and safely while living independently.

Voice assistants offer big advantages for the elderly. These systems allow seniors to call or contact friends or family regardless of skill level, eyesight, or mobility. They can be programmed to give reminders of times to eat or take medications. They also provide a new outlet for mental and social stimulation. It’s very comforting to hear the voice of someone you love and trust, and a familiar voice can be programmed into some systems.

Technology to Monitor Medications

Programmable pill boxes are an option that can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. By pre-programming your parent’s medication schedule into an app, you can be more confident that your parents or other elderly loved one is at less risk under- or overmedicating. There are options available that provide voice instructions for taking medications as an added feature, so special requirements (such as taking certain medications with food) can be relayed without the need for a personal call or to arrive in person to administer medications.

Independence is more important than ever for modern seniors. With the benefits of technology, caregivers are finding ways to ease safety concerns and keep parents or loved ones happier and healthier for longer. Emotional wellbeing plays a major role in the health of our loved ones, and by utilizing recent developments in technology for seniors, you can simplify your life and help keep them happier, safer, and healthier with less effort.

Senior Alert Systems for Independent Living

Senior alert systems are an important tool for seniors who want to live independently for as long as they can. These senior alert systems provide 24-hour support and put them in immediate contact with a live human being in an emergency. For more active people, senior alert systems are tied to a cellular service and provide GPS tracking so that emergency personnel can be dispatched at once – even if the individual is unable to respond. With many options and high-tech added features now available, it is helpful to read full reviews of these features to identify the best choice for your parents.

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