Medical Care Alert Review

Medical Care Alert stands out with award winning customer service, no long term contracts, and a 30-day risk free in-home trial period.

Medical Care Alert

These days, when comparative shopping is available at our fingertips, people demand choices.

Gone are the days when there is only one option. This sentiment is alive and well in the medical alert business as well, which is what makes Medical Care Alert an attractive option.

The Michigan-based, family-owned company offers three different options for medical alert systems. Each is priced differently with options designed to suit the varying lifestyles of seniors. The Home medical alert system is your basic system – protection in the home.

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Overall, Medical Care Alert is an excellent company that offers quality service. You could not go wrong by choosing a medical alert system from Medical Care Alert. They offer:

  • Competitive industry pricing
  • 30-day, risk free trial period
  • US based monitoring facility
  • Spanish Operators
  • 24/7 Emergency and Non-Emergency Monitoring

Medical Care Alert offers a lifetime price guarantee - your price will never go up from the day you purchase this excellent medical alert system.

Another good thing about Medical Care Alert is that there are no upfront fees – no activation fee and free equipment. And for commitment-phobes, no long term contract to sign.

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Medical Care Alert was awarded Winning Customer Service (Super Service Award) in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

After researching and reviewing all of the medical alert companies out there, we can definitively say that you cannot go wrong with Medical Care Alert as your choice! Between its reliable and affordable medical alert systems and its dedication to providing seniors with the latest, most accurate technology in the industry, Medical Care Alert allows you to maintain your independence while enjoying the peace of mind knowing that with Medical Care Alert, you are never alone.

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Medical Care Alert Products
Medical Care Alert has 3 products - see our reviews below
HOME Medical Alert System

If you need help, press the button. You’ll hear a friendly voice over the console asking if you need help. We’ll take it from there – calling a neighbor, family member, or emergency services if required. All our agents are EMT certified, and based in the USA.

It comes with two waterproof buttons, worn as a pendant or on the wrist. You can even wear them in the shower!

The HOME System buttons have a 1,000-foot range – that’s three football fields in any direction. Optional Fall Detection buttons are available. And a Cellular system is available if you don't have a phone line. The HOME, and cellular based HOME-3G Systems are made in the USA., the company’s most popular, offers protection in the backyard and even at a neighbor’s house. Instead of speaking to the monitor through the base unit, a senior would use a two-way medical pendant. It makes communication much easier. Medical Care Alert’s top-of-the-line system is its Home & Away medical alert system.

Using cellular and GPS technologies, a senior takes a small device with them wherever they go, providing protection nationwide. When they are at home, the device sits in a charger and acts as a traditional base unit.

Verdict: Perfect for folks who stay mostly indoors, the HOME system provides peace of mind for folks who want to remain independent at home.

Home & Yard Medical Alert System

If you’re active around your home and yard, this is the system for you. With the HOME & YARD system, you’ll speak directly into the pendant if you need help.  This 2-way voice pendant is unique and means you dont have to yell to be heard if you are away from the console base station.

Now you’re free to go outside gardening, or check the mail. Go work in the garage, or visit your neighbors. 

With the HOME & YARD System you’re protected in a 5-acre area around your home. You won’t have to yell for help. You speak directly into the pendant if you need help.

You can even wear your pendant in the shower, where most falls occur. Or, add an optional Emergency Wall Communicator. Keep one in the bathroom, garage, wherever you like.

Verdict: If you’re active around your home and yard, this is the system for you. Medical Care Alert’s top-of-the-line system is its Home & Away medical alert system.

HOME & AWAY Medical Alert System

The HOME & AWAY ELITE is the ULTIMATE “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” medical alert system. 

The ELITE uses cellular GPS. It’s Waterproof. It’s lightweight. It even has optional fall detection. And … it’s affordable. Perfect for folks who are highly active, the HOME & AWAY ELITE provides independence and peace of mind anywhere you go in the USA.

The ELITE comes with a waterproof pendant, worn around the neck or on a belt. You can even wear it in the shower! At night just place it in the charger. The ELITE has a 36-hour battery life…twice that of other mobile alert systems.

Unlike a cell phone, there’s just one button to push if you need help. And with GPS location service we know WHO and WHERE you are in the event of an emergency. Your price includes reliable AT&T Wireless service. Go coast to coast, even Alaska and Hawaii!

The Optional Fall Detection feature lets the pendant call our monitoring center if it detects a fall. Unlike other fall detectors, sensors in the ELITE pendant can tell the difference between a drop and a fall – minimizing false alarms. 

Verdict: The HOME & AWAY ELITE is the ULTIMATE “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” medical alert system.

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