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Medical Guardian Review

Medical Guardian is a leading provider of medical alert systems designed to fit any lifestyle and budget. No matter which Medical Guardian product you choose, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are protected round-the-clock.

Medical Guardian

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Medical Guardian provides a variety of reliable and affordable medical alert systems guaranteed to help you maintain your independence as you age. For more than 10 years, Medical Guardian has provided seniors and their loved ones with the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that they can receive immediate help with just the push of a button 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With every Medical Guardian product, you’ll have 24/7 access to both emergency AND non-emergency services! This means that in the event of an emergency, you can choose what kind of help you receive: EMS, police, or fire, or even more simply a friend, family member, or neighbor. As an added bonus, Medical Guardian allows both you and your spouse (or another family member) to share the same medical alert system so you can each be protected – at no extra cost.

Whether you’re looking to stay safe when you’re at home or out and about—in the garden, running errands— Medical Guardian has the perfect medical alert system for you!

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One of the biggest reasons why Medical Guardian is our #1 top pick is because of the list of services they provide with all of their products, including:

  • FREE Equipment
  • FREE Installation
  • FREE Activation
  • NO Long-Term Contracts
  • Mobile GPS
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • 24/7 Emergency and Non-Emergency Monitoring

While their Client Services representatives are on-hand every day to help you with whatever you may need, whether it’s for activating or installing your system or testing your device, this is only the start of the Medical Guardian’s top-notch service.

A medical alert system is only as good as its monitoring center. Medical Guardian’s monitoring center is US-based so you will never have to worry about any outsourcing or language barriers, and it’s also UL and CSAA Five Diamond-certified, meaning you’re getting the highest-quality responders in an emergency.

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When looking into medical alert systems, many people question whether or not a medical alert company will trap you with long-term contracts or hidden fees. So what long-term contracts and hidden fees can you expect from Medical Guardian? The answer is simple: none.

With Medical Guardian, you can enjoy a price lock guarantee. Unlike many other medical alert companies, the price of your Medical Guardian medical alert system will never increase. Plus, there are no activation or cancellation fees you need to worry about.

Medical Guardian simply requires that you try out your system for 90 days before returning it, but we guarantee that you’ll be more than thrilled with the top-rated service provided by Medical Guardian.

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Medical Guardian strives to provide seniors and their loved ones with the most technologically-advanced (while still being the most affordable and reliable) medical alert systems on the market.

Many medical alert companies require that you have a landline telephone to use their system, but Medical Guardian isn’t one of them. Along with landline-based monitoring services, Medical Guardian also provides cellular monitoring services for all those without a landline telephone, which cuts the cost of having to install a landline phone in order to use a medical alert system.

More and more seniors want to remain in their own homes and maintain an active lifestyle as they age, making mobile medical alert systems with GPS technology one of the most popular products in the industry. Medical Guardian understands, and even encourages, seniors to preserve their independence by offering the Mobile Guardian product. With built-in GPS technology, this guarantees your safety at home and when you’re out and about.

Out of the all the recent advancement in the medical alert industry, automatic fall detection has been the most impressive. Not only is Medical Guardian one of the few medical alert companies to offer this advanced option, but it also provides the most accurate fall detection technology on the market. The best part is that it looks like any other medical alert system yet this small device provides you with the greatest amount of protection.

Medical Guardian’s newest product, the Premium Guardian, is a two-way communicative, wearable technology allowing you to speak to emergency operators through the device itself. With built-in GPS technology and automatic fall detection, this mobile solution provides you with the greatest amount of protection no matter where you are.

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After researching and reviewing all of the medical alert companies out there, we can definitively say that you cannot go wrong with Medical Guardian as your choice! Between its reliable and affordable medical alert systems and its dedication to providing seniors with the latest, most accurate technology in the industry, Medical Guardian allows you to maintain your independence while enjoying the peace of mind knowing that with Medical Guardian, you are never alone.

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Medical Guardian Products
Medical Guardian has 4 products - see our reviews below
Classic Guardian

Costing less than $1/day, the Classic Guardian is Medical Guardian’s most affordable option as it allows you to call for help both in and around your home. This system has a button-to-base station range of 1,300 feet in any direction – a larger coverage area than any other medical alert in the industry! The Classic Guardian also has a 32-hour backup battery, ensuring your safety no matter what.

  • 1,300 feet of coverage
  • 32 hour backup battery
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Verdict: Easy to use and highly affordable, the Classic Guardian is a great option for those with a landline telephone and who are worried about getting help should an emergency occur in or around your home.

Home Guardian

As more and more households phase out the traditional phone lines, medical alert systems providing cellular monitoring are becoming increasingly popular. Medical Guardian’s easy-to-install Home Guardian system plugs into an electrical outlet and wirelessly connects you to their monitoring center. The Home Guardian base station has a 30-hour backup battery so your protection is always guaranteed.

  • 600 feet of coverage
  • 30 hour backup battery
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Verdict: To avoid the unnecessary cost of installing a landline phone, this easy-to-use system is the perfect modern upgrade to the classic system. With its cellular monitoring services, the Home Guardian is a perfect example of how Medical Guardian strives to provide seniors with the latest technology at the lowest possible cost.

Mobile Guardian

Medical Guardian’s GPS-enabled Mobile Guardian is completely portable, meaning that it’s perfect for an active older adult maintaining their on-the-go lifestyle. When you press the emergency button, Medical Guardian’s trained operators can send help to your exact location, whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

  • 350 feet of coverage
  • GPS-enabled
  • 24 hour battery life
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Verdict: If you want the peace of mind knowing that help is always just the push of a button away no matter where you are, then we highly recommend the Mobile Guardian. The best part is that the Mobile Guardian base station can easily fit inside a pocket, purse, or the stylish carrying case Medical Guardian provides, allowing you to discreetly carry this system with you wherever you go.

Active Guardian

Unlike any other medical alert system available on the market today, the all-in-one Active Guardian is a portable, wearable device offering an unlimited range of protection. Along with GPS and WiFi location technologies that accurately pinpoint your location in an emergency, the device also comes has a 5-day battery life, the longest battery life of any mobile system available. For an extra layer of protection, the Active Guardian can even come with accurate fall detection that will automatically trigger an emergency call should you fall in or around your home.

  • Unlimited coverage
  • GPS and WiFi enabled
  • Fall detection
  • 5-day battery life
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Verdict: This is the only system on the market that allows you to speak to the monitoring center directly through the wearable base station and that provides a completely unlimited range of coverage, making it the best medical alert system available. The device with built-in GPS and automatic fall detection can be worn on a neck pendant or on a belt clip, providing you with discreet and unlimited protection everywhere you go.

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Replacement product - excellent service

By Elaine VonSpreckelsen on 08/21/2016

"When my first system arrived, I couldn't figure out why the screen looked like it had angels' wings on it. After trying several options on my own (turning off and on, using different outlet, etc.), I called Customer Service. After explaining my problem to the young man, and his attempting to fix the machine from a distance, we both came to the conclusion that the unit must have been dropped in delivery and the display screen was damaged. As he had promised, a replacement system was sent to me and I had no trouble getting it plugged in and working. I'm most impressed with the customer service of your company. Great training of your agents, and they know how to treat their clients right. What a refreshing change in today's world!"

Reliable and effective alert system

By Mark H. Batchelor on 08/08/2016

"Purchased for our Mom who lives alone and still drives. Although not needed yet, the monthly test calls have been very reassuring knowing help can be a few seconds away at home and away. She is very happy with the service and their response times."

Best thing ever

By sandy on 03/26/2016

"I highly recommend this company and the product . It paid for itself with in the first 3 months . Our Mother fell and broke her bones . She would have laid there for hours before some one would have found her . But Medical Guardian was there . Twice now . Our family has such a relief knowing if anything happens she has her Medical Guardian button ..5+ star .."

Satisfied customer

By Richard D Collins on 07/08/2015

"No questions asked, Satisfied customer "

easy to use

By William Melnichak on 04/22/2015

"unlimited distance to call center"


By jeff on 04/02/2015

"so far we haven't needed to use the alert sysem. However the initial shipping of the unit was forgotten or misplaced, and I had to call MG 10 days after purchase to find this out. They offered to ship it 2 day ups, but someone changed it back to ups ground, so we waited. It arrived, better late than never. I then called to order the bracelet button(about 10 days ago), and I am waiting and wondering if it is on its way. If I have to call them again, I will also be looking into other services. It would be nice to receive a tracking number. So my main issue is with the shipping dept./process, it could be better. Thx"

Assisting you find t

By Jake on 03/30/2015

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