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Providing Safety and Security in Providence

With over 14 percent of the population over the age of 65, it is safe to say that maintaining independence with age is a top priority for seniors in Providence. Seniors in Providence, and across the nation, have more options than ever when it comes to where they want to grow older, and an overwhelming amount of them prefer to age in place.

Like most of the states in the northeast, Providence experiences some pretty cold, brutal winters. And are prone to experiencing heat waves during the summer. It's important for seniors to have access to help at home during extreme weather conditions. Icy conditions in the winter can lead to dangerous injury-causing falls, and intense heat during the summer can cause dehydration or heat stroke. Seniors in Providence who are concerned about weather-related health emergencies should invest in a Medical Guardian medical alert device.

Top-Rated Medical Alert Systems

Medical Guardian has earned its positive reputation in the field of medical alert devices by protecting thousands of older Americans since their launch over a decade ago. Medical Guardian will provide seniors in Providence with peace of mind in knowing they are being protected by the best. Here's what sets Medical Guardian apart from their competitors:

  • Superb Customer Service. Medical Guardian does not outsource their customer service. Their in-house Client Services team is dedicated to helping their customers work through challenges. Whether you need to make changes to the contact information on your account, troubleshoot billing issues or need help activating or installing a new medical alert device, Medical Guardian's team will patiently work through it with you.
  • Top-Notch Monitoring Centers. Medical Guardian's US-based monitoring centers are not only UL-certified, but are also Five Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association. These terms may sound complicated, but they are simply a fancy way of saying that every Medical Guardian monitoring center has the highest-quality standards of operation. And you can rest assured knowing that all of the emergency operators are 9-1-1 and EMT trained, enabling them to act swiftly in emergencies.
  • No Hidden Costs. Unlike many of the other companies selling medical alert systems, Medical Guardian believes that what you see is what you get. There are no surprises when you get a bill from Medical Guardian because there are no startup fees, equipment fees or hidden costs of any kind. Medical Guardian was built on transparency.
  • Free Resources for Seniors. Medical Guardian believes that seniors in Providence and all across the U.S. should have access to information that can help them live better, healthier, more independent lives. Through the Medical Guardian blog, seniors have a free resource to educate themselves on how to live their best lives.

Peace of Mind for Providence Seniors

For seniors in Providence and their loved ones, Medical Guardian provides more than just a service; they provide peace of mind. With a wide variety of medical alert systems to choose from and wallet-friendly options, Medical Guardian is the best choice for seniors in Providence, and beyond.

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