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Natural Ways To Boost Immune System For Seniors


Now more than ever has it become important for seniors and the elderly to build a stronger immune system.   As with anything the immune system weakens with age and as we get older building immune resillance becomes important to fight off pathogens including opportunistic bacteria, yeast,  fungi, and viruses.   

1) Get more sunshine and nature – studies have shown that being in nature can positive impact your immune system.  Connecting with nature whether a light huke, a walk on the beach or grass with no shoes on can do wonders for your body.   Getting 15-20 minutes of sunshine first thing in the morning is a great way to get great vitamin D right as the day begins and set up for a successful day.

2) Prioitize and improve your sleep –  Getting those first 20 minutes also helps with getting better sleep and resetting your circadian rhythm.   Waking up with the sun and going to sleep before 10pm can help improve your sleep.   Other ways to improve sleep are not eating 3 hours before bed, staying away from screens such as tv, computers, and ipads 1-2 hours before bed.   Sometimes having some extra carbohydrates in your dinner meal can be helpful for some people.

3) Movement – walking, aerobic excercie, swimming, yoga, tai chi or qigong are all great ways to keep your body strong, flexible and power your body.  It’s always good to be wearing a medical alert system when going on hikes or long walks and when performing your exercise.  A medical alert watch can allow you to do your execise with piece of mind if anything happens, you can always get emergency help at anytime.

4) Meditation – doing a guided body scan meditation can be stress reliving, reduce anxiety, fear, and stress.  This can also calm down the nervous system into a para sympatheic state and relaxed response as opposed to a sympathetic state.

5) Social Relationships  – having good social relationships with family and friends can do great things for your health.  Especially if you build good friendships with people who healthy and live their life with healthy habits.

6) Think Positive and watch funny movies, laugh a lot, and cry if needed.  All of these items believe it or not help your immune system.  Try to stay away from scary movies, violent movies that can overwhelm your system.

7) Build a strong gut – Look into Probiotics to build up your good bacteria to fight against foreign invaders.   The gut is a breeding ground for bacteria so having more diversity in your food and eating healthy, as well as including things like garlic and onions can help your build your glutathione levels and strengthen your immune response.

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