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Natural Ways To Boost Immune System For Seniors

Now more than ever has it become important for seniors and the elderly to build a stronger immune system.   As with anything the immune system weakens with age and as we get older building

Health Alert for Seniors: Quit Smoking

Most non-smoking campaigns are geared towards the young. It makes sense; if you can convince teenagers not to smoke, they likely will never light up for their entire lives. But there are countless seniors

Types of Senior Help Alarms

When you think about help alarms for seniors, you will likely first think of a medical alert system. While we obviously feel such a comprehensive system is the best protection money can buy for

Elderly Service: Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Often times seniors are without a figurative voice; there is no one to speak out on their behalf when they need help. That could leave seniors wallowing in poor conditions or vulnerable to abuse.

Elderly Monitoring Care: Common Senior Health Issues

While every person is vastly different, we all share certain vulnerabilities that are common to us all. For seniors, they are all susceptible to similar health woes that could require elderly monitoring care. Cardiovascular disease

#1 Senior Emergency: Falling Down

It happens more often than we would like to admit — a senior who is in the best of health suffers a serious fall and it begins a downward spiral that ends in his

Medical Alarm Monitoring for All Seniors

Many people think that a medical alert system is only for the most frail of seniors. After all, the thinking goes, they can barely take care of themselves and they need help. That might

What is Adult Day Care?

If you are a senior or you are the caretaker of an elderly person, then it is likely you have heard of adult day care. However, not everybody knows what goes on there. Despite

Senior Home Care

The goal for the majority of seniors is to live their entire lives independently. The idea of having to move in with their children, or worse, into an assisted living facility or nursing home,

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