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Only about a quarter of a million people aged 65 or older currently live in Nebraska. But with life expectancies increasing with each passing year, that number is expected to rise dramatically over the next few decades. The Nebraska State Unit on Aging is getting a head start on this coming population explosion by offering programs and services for the state?s seniors.

Those programs include:
-- Adult Protective Services: Investigating claims of abuse or neglect against seniors.
-- Adult Day Services: Social activities, supervision, supportive services, meals, and in some situations, health services that are provided in a licensed setting.
-- Commodity Supplemental Food Program: Supplementing a senior’s diet with nutritious USDA commodity foods.
-- Elder Rights: Legal advice and services including power of attorney, living wills and dispute mediations.
-- Food Pantries: Emergency food supplies for people in need.
-- Food Stamps: Coupons for low-income seniors to buy food.
-- Home Delivered Meals: Meals delivered directly to the homes of seniors.
-- Home Health: Nursing or aide services in the home.
-- Hospice Care: For low-income Nebraskans who are near the end of their lives.
-- Nebraska Senior Medicare Patrol: Volunteers help seniors identify Medicare fraud and how to protect themselves from health care scams.
-- Senior Companion Volunteer Program: Volunteers or low-income people who get a stipend come to the homes of frail seniors and keep them company.
-- Senior Employment: Job training and placement for low-income seniors who still need to work.
-- Transportation: helping seniors get to medical appointments.

Seniors in Nebraska, in fact seniors in every state, are urged to at least consider getting a medical alert system. You may think you do not need 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring, but in fact you probably do.

If you live alone and suffer a fall or any other kind if medical emergency, you will have to get to a telephone in order to call for help. Easier said than done. Sometimes you just cannot move after your specific emergency. If you can’t, then help will never arrive and the end result could be tragic.

With a medical alert system, all you have to do is press your button and you will be connected to the central monitoring facility and you can tell them that you need help. In the event that you cannot speak, help will immediately be sent.

Why wouldn’t you get one?

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Nebraska has a program that could potentially eliminate property taxes for some seniors.

Called The Homestead Tax Exemption, it can provide partial or total property relief for homeowners. There are eligibility requirements -- you must be at least 65 years old or disabled, live in the home that you own and meet certain income guidelines. The amount of the property tax relief depends upon the value of the home and your household income. Applications must be submitted between February 1st and June 30th. If not, you’ll have to wait until the following year to apply.

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