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Caring for your Elderly Relative

Either suddenly or gradually, you may now be finding yourself taking on a new role, that of caregiver for an elderly relative. Elderly needs cover a wide range, from simply checking in on mom

“We Insist on Our Independence” — Modern Seniors Take Charge

Gene is 73 years old and still plays softball. 72-year-old Anita swims, takes art classes, cares for her horse, practices piano and cooks. Jack and Marie, 84 and 76 respectively, go ballroom dancing three

It Is All In the Attitude

Henry, a 76-year-old, loves to walk and jog. Even at his age, while a bit slower than he was in his 50s and 60s, he keeps up with his friends and gets great exercise.

Find the Medical Alert Device that is Best for Your Lifestyle

A medical alert device is an important safeguard for seniors living independently. It is the best way to ensure rapid emergency medical response in a health crisis, which can make all the difference in

The Best Medical Alerts for Seniors – How to Choose Right

A good medical alert system can help seniors living independently — and their loved ones — rest easier, knowing that help can be summoned immediately in an emergency. However, just as no two seniors

Peaceful Mind With Medical Alert

Medical Alert System Latham, New York–  Anne decided to invest in a medical alert system after her traumatic fall. On a cold early winter morning Anne Tetrault was walking her dogs. The sidewalks were

FirstHealth Emergency Alert

FirstHealth Emergency Alert Service Pinehurst, North Carolina Nov 4th, 2015 — Falls can be devastating. Art Matthews an 88-year-old man. Art is an  owner of  a FirstHealth Response system and it saved his life. Art

Medical Alarm Systems

Medical Alarm systems Everyone is looking for the best device at the most affordable cost. There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect medical alarm system for you or your loved

Medical Alert On The Go

Medical Alert Systems Away from Home The typical medical alert system is connected with a base station that has a speacker. If the system is triggered than the speaker on the base station connects

Medical Alert Devices

Medical Alert Devices There are a number of Medical Alert Systems to look into when shopping for the right device for you. Multiple devices are available from many companies. There are a variety of