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Safe Home Tips for Seniors


Baby Boomers are redefining senior living. An increasing number of older adults are choosing to “age in place,” and remain in their own homes. Many seniors choose living on their own to have more freedom, safety, comfort, and control over their own lives for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

According to the Institute on Aging, more than 11.3 million seniors in America are living alone. For senior citizens living independently, it is important to ensure that their homes are safe. Falls, burns, and poisoning are common accidents among older adults.

Safety Tips to Reduce the Risk of Injury for Seniors

While many older adults prefer to live independently in their own homes, those homes may not be designed to meet all their needs. Falls are the number one safety risk for seniors, with more than 30% of people over the age of 65 suffering a fall every year.

Home safety precautions can help reduce the risk of injury from falls and other accidents. The following tips can help make living at home safer for older people:

  • Remove tripping hazards: Repair frayed carpet, tape or tack down loose edges, and get rid of scatter rugs.
  • Create safe walking spaces: Arrange furniture to allow plenty of space for walking within and between rooms.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use: Do not overload electrical circuits.
  • Clean up spills immediately: Spills on the floor can create a serious slip-and-fall hazard.
  • Keep drawers and closet doors closed to help prevent tripping and bruising accidents.
  • Place a non-skid matt or safety strips in the bathtub or shower to prevent slipping and falling.
  • Install grab bars in the shower: It is not safe to use towel racks or soap dishes for support.
  • Wear close-fitting sleeves: Loose, long sleeves can lead to spills and burns.
  • Leave a night light on or keep a light within reach of your bed in case you have to get up at night.

Medical Alarm Systems for Safety

For seniors living independently, it is crucial to get emergency medical assistance on the way immediately if an accident with injuries should occur in the home. That’s where medical alarms for seniors come in.

An older person living alone can wear a waterproof medical alarm pendant or bracelet 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency, a push of a button on the pendant or bracelet will activate a medical alarm and alert an operator, who will send help to injured senior right away.

Some of the newer, cellular-based medical alarm systems will travel with you, to provide a safety net even when you are away from home. These systems have GPS tracking, so the operator can pinpoint your location if you are not certain exactly where you are.

Having the right medical alarm system in place can make living independently safer for seniors. See our medical alert reviews for a comparison of some of the systems available today.

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