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Automated Fall Protection – A Safety Feature That Makes Sense

70-year-old George was tending his garden, as he’s always done for many years. In fact, he could not imagine living where he couldn’t practice his green thumb skills as often as weather permitted. On

The New World of Senior Emergency Alert Systems

The New World of Senior Emergency Alert Systems Many senior citizens prefer to live independently, staying in their own homes. This is with good reason: an independent lifestyle allows greater comfort and the chance

Saving Lives: Senior Alert Systems

More and more modern American seniors are choosing to live independently. This means staying in your own home and managing your own day-to-day activities. But, many seniors face physical and medical challenges that affects

The Best Medical Alerts for Seniors – How to Choose Right

A good medical alert system can help seniors living independently — and their loved ones — rest easier, knowing that help can be summoned immediately in an emergency. However, just as no two seniors

Elderly Alert Systems Protect against Dangerous Falls and Illnesses

When elderly people are living independently, their loved ones tend to worry about them – and with good reason. Statistically, seniors face a higher risk of stroke, heart attack, and other health emergencies than

Senior Care: A Medical Alert System for Safe Independent Living

There is no question that assisted living facilities can provide some protection for seniors. Someone is available in the event of an emergency to help ensure that an older person who becomes ill or

Senior Safety Protection with Medical Alert Bracelets

For many seniors, living independently is the ideal. You haven’t worked hard all your life to sacrifice your freedom, privacy, and independence in your golden years. However, health and safety may be a real

Medical Alert Systems Offer Home Safety for Seniors

Six out of every ten falls occur in the home, according to the National Institute of Health. Older people often have difficulties with balance, walking, or experience bouts of dizziness, making them more prone

Medical Care Alert Pendant

Medical Care Alert Pendant Medical Care Alert developed a new sleek design for their pendant. The pendant now incorporates a few features like GPS, Cellular Voice, and Automatic Fall Detection. The pendant is no

FirstHealth Emergency Alert

FirstHealth Emergency Alert Service Pinehurst, North Carolina Nov 4th, 2015 — Falls can be devastating. Art Matthews an 88-year-old man. Art is an  owner of  a FirstHealth Response system and it saved his life. Art