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Medical Alert System for Senior Abuse?


The abuse of seniors is a very serious issue and one that often goes unreported — by both the media and the senior who is being victimized. Action must be taken to stop this abuse, and a medical alert system could help.

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The saddest thing is that often times, the abuser is a caretaker; the very person charged with making sure the senior remains healthy and happy. Sometimes the abuse is unintentional — the caretaker does not realize he or she is not meeting their obligations. But usually the abuse is intentional, with the caretaker knowingly not doing their jobs.

The abuse can be psychological, such as insulting, demeaning or humiliating the senior. While that is bad enough, the abuse often takes the next step to physical — pushing, punching or restraining the senior.

Sometimes the abuse is nothing like described above, but it is financial; taking advantage of a senior to steal his or her money.

In many cases seniors just do not know how to go about reporting the abuse or are afraid to do so. This is where a medical alert system could be of great assistance.

The senior would just have to press their emergency button and tell the monitor that abuse is taking place. The monitor will immediately call the police and help will arrive at the home within minutes. If they are doing their job correctly, police can end the abuse right then and there. And it would all be because the senior had a medical alert system.

People seem to think that medical alert systems are only useful in the event of a medical emergency. While it is true that they are invaluable in those cases, these alert systems can be used in any kind of emergency, be it medical, a robbery, or yes, even to stop abuse.

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