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Safety Issues Seniors Face Every Day


As we age, activities and movements naturally become more difficult, and sometimes impossible. Our bodies are not as responsive as they were when we were younger, and it can be discouraging to find that we can’t move as fast, reach as far, or react to certain emergencies as quickly. With the help of medical alert and fall alert systems, the ability to get help quickly when needed is greatly increased.

Seniors face several safety issues as they get older. Most seniors experience a loss of physical strength and stamina, which can lead to other problems. Weaker hands and less dexterity can cause one to drop heavy pans or other objects. Balance problems make getting in and out of bed, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and even simple walking more precarious. Failing eyesight can obscure the upturned edge of the rug, causing one to trip. Reduced hearing can render one unable to hear the car backing out of the driveway while walking by.

Falling is one of the most common accidents that plague senior citizens. In fact, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2.8 million people 65 years and older every year land in the hospital due to injuries incurred by falls. They are the leading cause of injuries for people in this age group, and quite often, fractures are the result. Since falls become more common as we get older, it’s great to know that fall alert systems can now play an important role in helping seniors get fast medical help when they happen. The sooner medical treatment can be administered, the better the chances are for survival and a full recovery.

Not all emergency alert systems have fall detection technology. If your system does not have this feature, you could fall and be unable to access your emergency call button, and that could mean that operators won’t be alerted. However, with medical alert devices equipped with fall alert systems, emergency-trained operators are signaled when a fall occurs, even when the person cannot respond.

With a fall alert system designed for in-the-home use, a fall will trigger an alert through the base to trained emergency operators on a 24-hour basis. For even more protection, you can get a system equipped with GPS technology, which will pinpoint your location both in and outside the home. If you fall and cannot push the button on your bracelet or pendant device, operators will still receive a signal, locate your location, and send medical help immediately.

Peace of Mind with Fall Alert Systems

Having peace of mind for yourself or a loved one is invaluable. With today’s technology, and more improvements and advancements on the horizon, the future for senior citizens becomes brighter every day. Being able to remain active in the home as well as outside can make a huge difference in a person’s outlook and quality of life. To gain more understanding of what type of medical alert system best fits your needs, check our review section.

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