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Watching Over Your Aging Relatives: New Technology Makes It Easier


As our parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents age, they require additional support and care. Taking care of aging relatives can often turn into a full-time job. Technology helps make all our lives easier, and many new apps and devices have been created to make caring for aging relatives easier. From scheduling apps to home alert systems, there are many ways for technology to simplify and streamline some of many daily tasks of caring for your loved one.

Here are some ways technology can positively impact the lives of caregivers:

  • New and varied entertainment
  • Games, books, and media that provides vital mental stimulation
  • Engagement with friends and family
  • Easy, approachable communication
  • Health management
  • Medication management
  • Support in health emergency situations


It can be hard to convince the elderly that technology will bring positive changes. Finding technology that appeals is a good way to bring your older relatives onboard. E-readers are an excellent first step in embracing technology. They are easy to use and require little maintenance. Voice assistance is another simple way to engage seniors with new technology. Voice controls make for effortless access can provide new avenues of entertainment for seniors.

Digital photo frames have come a long way from their first incarnations. Now you can your relatives a picture frame that can be updated regularly via an app. This keeps your loved ones engaged socially and provides an excellent opportunity to bond with those they care about. These digital frames provide a reminder that someone is thinking about them.

Video Chats: Keeping in Touch

Skype, FaceTime, and other video chat apps can provide a more personal interaction than a regular phone call. They are also a great way to do a visual check up and make sure your loved one is healthy. Video chatting is much more widespread than it was in the past, and getting your loved one onboard is very effective in having grandchildren interact with grandparents living in other areas.

It can be difficult for seniors to cope with mobility changes. With the spread of on-demand ridesharing apps, seniors can easily arrange transport at a low cost and become more self-reliant. Some services offer special vehicle options for people with access issues, such as rides that utilize a wheelchair or mobility scooter. This allows more freedom for your relatives – and less work for you.

Health and Safety

Between managing doctor’s visits and medications, it can be daunting trying to balance all the duties of caring for an elderly relative. Newly developed apps and technologies are a great help. A popular new device is a talking clock or voice assistant. This can be programmed to notify the person of scheduled events, times to take various medications or send messages in a familiar voice, giving your loved one a gentle reminder of an upcoming appointment or visit. Programmable pillboxes can distribute and alert your relative when to take medications. Failing to take the right medications on time is a common problem, easily solved with one of these options. Some home alert systems provide medication alerts as an added feature.

New monitoring equipment is available to alert you if the refrigerator, bathroom, or other home location hasn’t been accessed in a certain length of time. A home alert system can provide additional protection by new services like fall monitoring, emergency alert triggers, and 24-hour voice support. Whatever specific issues is of concern, there are technologies in place to help manage and mitigate the problem. Take a look at some of our reviews to find the home alert system that’s can best serve you or your loved one.

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