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Medical Alert Systems With GPS


Medical Alert Systems, and the technology that powers them, have kept up with the trends in recent years. GPS Tracking now provides the capability for a medical alert device to monitor your senior from anywhere they go.

These Mobile Alert devices increase the features of traditional at-home medical alert systems by making using GPS monitoring services. Mobile GPS tracking is ideal for those seniors who enjoy active lifestyles, and no longer need to be limited to the confines of their home.

Many seniors are better served by an alert system equipped with a GPS tracking device. GPS tracking effectively expands the coverage area of traditional in-home alert systems, often limited in range. Emergency personnel will still know your senior’s exact location at all times as a result of GPS tracking. Seniors can now enjoy the freedom of leaving home, and still be connected with their monitoring center form anywhere there is wireless network coverage.

There are a few options for consumer to choose from regarding the type of mobile device to use:

  • Most mobile GPS devices are made to fit in your palm, similar to a pendant or cell phone.
  • Other medical alert companies offer a basic mobile phone with only a single alert button on the device. This is a more user-friendly option, and does not have other numbers or buttons on the keypad.
  • Companies are now also offering mobile GPS systems that that are compatible with certain cellular data networks and coverage areas.

Advantages of a Medical Alarm System with GPS include monitoring your senior regardless of where they go. The GPS technology combines with a nationwide cellular network to instantly locate a user when the help button is pushed, regardless of where.

Details of who is calling for help and from where they are calling are immediately provided to emergency personnel. This process is arguably a more effective system than a using a mobile phone or otherwise having to dialing 911.

The Mobile GPS alert system improves the communication process by eliminating the need to explain where you are in need of help over the phone while injured, etc. By simply by pressing the call button on the mobile device, your senior’s precise location is dispatched instantly to both the nearest emergency personnel and your family.

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