Fall Detection Archive

Growing Older with Grace and Dignity

Nobody really wants to grow old, and while there are steps we can take to slow the physical aging process, time marches on. For many seniors, the question is how to move forward into

Senior Living: Better than Ever in the USA

One of the easiest ways to monitor improvements in senior living is life expectancy. While recent news stories have reported a downtick in life expectancy in the USA, this is a minor issue. The

Medications and Senior Falls: The Risks

Seniors are at a far higher risk of falls than any other age group, with falls the leading cause of accidental injuries for adults age 65 and older. While there are physical changes associated

Retirement Can Be the Best Time of Life

When you reach retirement age, your best years may still lie ahead. With a long career behind you, your children grown and independent, and your mortgage in good shape, now is your opportunity to

Seniors and Balance Problems

The sense of balance can be noticeably affected by aging. Even healthy older adults often find that their balance that is less secure than it was when they were younger. Good balance is important

The Secret to Avoiding Falls

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death for senior citizens, and the risk increases with age. According to the National Council on Aging: An older adult is treated is an emergency room

Be a Confident Caregiver with the Help of Technology

Serving as a caregiver is a rewarding but challenging experience. With the advances in technology now available, medical alert systems can be a caregiver’s best friend. Different medical alert companies offer different options and

Worried About Falls? Let’s Talk Technology

Falls are a legitimate concern for senior citizens. According to the National Council on Aging, they are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older people in the U.S. However, suffering a

Loving the Retirement Years Means Staying Active

Retiring Baby Boomers are very different than retirees of previous generations. While our parents and grandparents may have looked forward to a quiet, restful retirement after decades of strenuous activity, many Baby Boomers have

Lifelong Learning: Seniors Take to the College Campuses

It’s never too late to learn something new, and many seniors are taking college courses as part of their quest for lifelong learning. Even though university is often thought of as predominantly for younger
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