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Amazing Mobile Medical Alert Systems


As recently as just a few years ago, your medical alert system could go as far as the phone line to which is was connected. Which means it could not leave your house. If you did venture out, you were not protected. That is all in the past now with the advent of mobile medical alert systems.

mobile medical alert systems

Such systems utilize technologies that we use every day in our smart phones — cellular and GPS. Together, those two technologies are packed into mobile medical alert systems so wherever you go, your monitor will know where you are.

Here’s how it works: the mobile device is about the size of a deck of cards. When you are home, it sits in a battery charger and it acts as your base unit. But when you head outside, you simply take it with you. Put it in your pocket or a bag and you’re ready to go.

If a medical or other type of emergency arises, you can press the button on your medical pendant or bracelet, or a button on the mobile unit itself. You will be able to communicate with the monitor directly through the unit using cell service. If it is determined that you need immediate help, the monitor will know exactly where you are using the built-in GPS.

Mobile medical alert systems do cost a little more than the standard service with a phone line. But it is far more versatile than the systems that are tethered to your home. If you can afford the extra equipment and monthly monitoring costs, why wouldn’t you get one?

Every medical alert system helps seniors live independent lives. But mobile medical alert systems can help you maintain your active lifestyle. An independent and active life is the goal of many seniors, and that would certainly be a life well lived.

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