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Senior Living: Better than Ever in the USA


One of the easiest ways to monitor improvements in senior living is life expectancy. While recent news stories have reported a downtick in life expectancy in the USA, this is a minor issue. The human lifespan has continued to extend for decades, and this trend is expected to continue. Better treatments for various age-related diseases and a focus on healthy living are important factors in longevity. While several countries have a higher life expectancy than the USA, including Japan, Sweden, Finland, and others, the USA continues to be in the top ten for life expectancy in the world. The slight downturn translates to a decrease in lifespan of only 1.2 months, rather than the alarming news reported by various media outlets.

Statistics Tell the Tale.

Some statistics back up the fact that senior living in the USA is better than ever. The number of elderly travelers is on a steep increase, with many people taking advantage of the golden years to seek new experiences across the globe. Cruises, historical tours, and other travel adventures offer the opportunity to enjoy other cultures and meet new people – who often become friends for life.

Living at Home, or in a Senior Community?

While many seniors choose to remain in the home, others find that the interaction in independent senior living communities can increase quality of life. It has been thoroughly established through research that socialization is a key to healthy aging, and modern independent senior living facilities offer countless opportunities for friendships and sharing activities. While seniors in earlier decades had favored activities like bingo, the latest generation of baby boomers is going down a different path, with exercise-related activities, including biking, walking, golfing, and swimming far outstripping the stereotypes of bingo and sewing. Grandma and grandpa are taking advantage of their years of freedom, and enjoying life more.

Fall Alert Systems with GPS: Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Many seniors have great concerns about becoming a burden on their children. One of the best ways to prevent becoming a burden on your loved ones while living independently is fall alert systems with GPS. Active seniors are not sitting at home on the couch, but moving about the community shopping, attending lectures and musical performances, mentoring, and countless other activities. While a home-based medical alert system is a valuable tool, these fall alert systems with GPS allow for greater freedom and protection, no matter where you travel in the USA.

These systems make it possible for medical assistance to be dispatched at once, whether you are traveling in your RV, playing golf, shopping, or any other activity. As the GPS system identifies your location, you gain a higher level of safety should you trip and fall or experience any health emergency while out and about. To review the various features now available, get fast and easy information at Medical Alert Comparison.

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