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Dance for Seniors: A Great Exercise Option


For Baby Boomers who grew up listening to rock ‘n roll in the 50s and 60s, music and dancing were an important part of life. Now that this generation is reaching retirement age, it’s more important than ever to keep on dancing! Music and movement are enjoyable, and dancing provides a range of important physical and mental benefits.

Dancing is fun and a great form of exercise – much more appealing to many than senior exercise classes or home exercise classes. It is a complete mind-body workout that tones the muscles while boosting brain power and lifting the spirits.

Benefits of Dancing for Seniors

Dancing is a great way to socialize, and studies have found that it also has many health benefits for seniors:

  • Better balance: Research has found that ballroom dancing improves balance. Better balance in seniors means lowering the risk of suffering a serious fall, as well as greater physical confidence in older people who have a fear of falling. One study found that seniors who participated in ballroom dancing improved their balance by 50%.
  • Improved cognitive skills: Dancing requires focusing on one’s own motor skills while reacting to the moves of a partner. It is a great way to keep cognitive skills and memory active for clearer thinking. It may also help reduce the risk of dementia.
  • Healthier joints: Research has shown that dancing is more beneficial for the joints than other activities for seniors. It can improve movement and function while reducing pain for those who suffer chronic pain in the knees or hips.
  • Physical health benefits: Dancing improves strength, endurance, muscle function, balance, and flexibility for greater stability and a lower risk of injuries. It also improves posture, reaction time, motor performance, and cardiovascular health, decreasing the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that once seniors have become more physically active through dancing, they are more likely to engage in other healthier activities, such as eating well, keeping up with medications, and engaging in social activities.
  • Mental health benefits: In addition to physical health benefits, dancing also provides social and emotional benefits for seniors. It can help older people become more involved in their communities and provide an outlet for self-expression. Research has found that even among seniors with dementia, social dancing improves positive feelings, behavior, and communication.

Medical Emergency System for Seniors

Dancing can be as much fun in our retirement years as it was in the earlier days of rock ‘n roll, and help seniors live longer, healthier, happier lives. With aging, the body loses muscle mass, balance, and coordination, and dancing is a fun way to reverse a decline.

However, seniors still have a higher risk of health emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, or serious falls than younger people. A medical emergency system to bring help in a crisis just makes sense. With modern technology, a push of a button on a medical alert pendant or bracelet can bring emergency assistance to your side, even when away from home. Our medical alert reviews can help you find a medical emergency system that will work best for your lifestyle.

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