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Different Types of Emergency Call Buttons


Every aspect of your medical alert system is crucial, from the base unit to the folks at the central monitoring facility. However an often overlooked, but vital, cog in the system is the emergency call button. It is basically the link between you and the help you may one day so desperately need.

emergency call button

It is pressing your emergency call button that sends the signal to the monitoring center that something is amiss. Within moments you will be communicating with a medically trained operator who will help you assess the situation and determine if help should be sent to you.

There are different types of emergency call button. Every base unit has a large button labeled “help” or “emergency” that you can press. This button is really only useful in the unlikely event that you just happen to be standing right next to your base unit when an emergency arises.

Most likely you will use the emergency call button that you wear around your neck or wrist to call for help. It will send a wireless signal to the base unit, and the call will automatically be placed to the monitoring center.

You should test the emergency call button on your pendant, as well as the one on your base unit periodically to make sure it is in proper working order. You should also make sure you change the batteries in your medical pendant. Your medical alert provider will let you know when those batteries need to be replaced. After all, what is the point of having a medical alert system if a key part is not functioning?

A medical alert system could save your life some day if you are hit with a life-threatening emergency. If that day ever comes, certainly you would owe a debt of gratitude to the operator who sent help. But don’t forget about the emergency call button that sparked the call in the first place.

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