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Medical Alert Devices

Medical Alert Devices

There are a number of Medical Alert Systems to look into when shopping for the right device for you. Multiple devices are available from many companies. There are a variety of systems on the market today that allow you to choose the one that works best for you.


Types of Medical Alert Devices
  • Monitored Alerts
  • No-Fee Alerts
  • Mobile Aletrs
Monitored  Alerts

These types of alert systems seem to be the most popular because they connect the client direct to a trained operator incase of emergency. These devices normally come equipped with a  medical alert pendant, bracelet or watch.   They also include a base station. These services normally come with a montly subscription

No-Fee Alerts

In the long run this maybe a cheaper option. It is a one time purchase of a medical alert device with no subscription fees. you just need to puchase the device itself. The difference is that the system will not connect you to a live trained operator. The device instead calls numbers on a preset list of emergency contacts such as friends and relative until it is connected with someone. 911 can be set as a preset contact.

Mobile Alerts

These are small devices that work similarly to cell phones. They are mainly gps and tracking devices. These items have a push to help button in case of emergency. The price is based on a subscription.

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