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Enjoying the Golden Years in Safety


When Frank retired from his company ten years ago at age 63, he was looking forward to traveling and working on motorcycles in his garage to his heart’s content. And he did. But now, at 73, he’s learned that aging has brought him a few drawbacks. After he experienced a fall in his home last month, he was ready to decide that it was time to slow down.

Fortunately, his son Michael told him about medical alert systems that help seniors live much fuller and richer lives than ever before. Now, Frank continues to pursue his hobby of tinkering with motorcycles in his garage as well as traveling to visit friends and relatives with complete peace of mind.

Look Forward to Your Golden Years!

It’s time well spent to compare medical alert systems, as they differ in the various features offered as well as price considerations. Very basically, these systems consist of a base unit installed in the home. You wear a waterproof pendant or bracelet that encases an emergency button. If there is an emergency, such as a heart attack, sudden illness, or a fall, a push of the button immediately alerts an operator, who can communicate with you via microphones in the system.

Rather than having to find and then dial a phone, the medical alert system has a much faster connection. You simply tell the operator what’s happening, and depending upon the specific emergency, he or she will summon medical responders, family, or friends as needed. If you are unable to talk, the operator can still send help immediately on some more advanced systems. The speed of response is crucial in any emergency, and these systems are often lifesaving.

Choosing the Right Medical Alert System

Some medical alert systems only have a range of a few hundred feet, while others have wider ranges. Depending upon whether you typically spend time in your home or if you go outside to garden, drive to the store, or visit neighbors, there is a system that provides peace of mind in any situation. Check here to compare medical alert systems that suits.

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