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Medical Monitoring For Seniors Concerned About Alzheimer’s Disease


New GPS tracking technology has provided consumers with peace of mind by offering a remote monitoring system that makes it possible to track seniors from any location via a mobile device with GPS tracking technology. In particular, remote monitoring is ideal for seniors who suffer from common conditions of the Alzheimer’s Disease.

Wandering is a very serious issue for seniors with dementia, and a Mobile Alert System with GPS technology for remote monitoring helps to assist in preventing seniors from wandering off. Mobile remote monitoring systems with GPS tracking technology now offer consumers the ability to remotely track seniors from anywhere, and also monitor your senior’s exact location in real-time on a 24/7 basis.

There are some differnent options of mobile devices being offered in the marketplace that are great for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, including GPS shoes that help to prevent wandering. One cool feature of the “Shoe For Wanderers” is that is sets a perimeter known as a “geofence” or “virtual wall. If the shoe goes beyond the perimeter, a warning signal is sent via text, email, or phone. Google Maps then directs consumers to the exact location of their senior.

Other types of mobile remote monitoring devices being offered by medical alert system providers include:

  • Lifecomm offers remote monitoring from mobile devices such as watches, pendants, and belt clips. A cool feature of the Lifecomm mobile medical alert system is that it provides tracking activity reports, including how many steps the wearer took in the past 30 days.
  • Comfort Zone is the official medical alert system endorsed and offered by the Alzheimer’s Association. This mobile medical alert system offers remote monitoring with GPS tracking technology built into mobile devices such as beepers, bracelets, and purses.
  • QuietCare, offers a mobile remote monitoring system with censors in carpets and doorways that detect movement or changes in a senior regular movements or routine.
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