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Best Exercise Programs for Senior Health

The many benefits of exercise for older people are well-established and widely known. Regular physical activity improves circulation, promotes healing, elevates mood, and reduces the risk of several serious health conditions. If you are

Seniors and Depression: Natural Solutions

Depression is a serious matter, especially for seniors. People over 50 experience depression differently and the symptoms may be easy to overlook. Life can become very isolated for seniors. With limited income, access and

Does Avoiding Sugar Lead to Longer Life?

By now, we all know that as Americans we’re consuming much more sugar than we ever have before, but could this excessive sugar consumption actually be shortening our lives? According to the experts, maybe

Health Alert for Seniors: Quit Smoking

Most non-smoking campaigns are geared towards the young. It makes sense; if you can convince teenagers not to smoke, they likely will never light up for their entire lives. But there are countless seniors

Senior Safety Tips

Most of the services and advice to seniors seems to be focused on keeping them healthy. While this is obviously extremely important, not much time is spent on educating seniors on how to remain

Elderly Monitoring Care: Common Senior Health Issues

While every person is vastly different, we all share certain vulnerabilities that are common to us all. For seniors, they are all susceptible to similar health woes that could require elderly monitoring care. Cardiovascular disease

What is Adult Day Care?

If you are a senior or you are the caretaker of an elderly person, then it is likely you have heard of adult day care. However, not everybody knows what goes on there. Despite

Importance of Senior Nutrition

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “Live to Eat or Eat to Live.” Well, most seniors do not have the “Live to Eat” luxury; rather, they need to eat the proper foods in order to

Selfless Senior Caregivers

Almost every senior citizen wants to live on their own. The idea of moving in with their children or to a nursing home or assisted living facility is about the worst thing that can

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