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Selfless Senior Caregivers


Almost every senior citizen wants to live on their own. The idea of moving in with their children or to a nursing home or assisted living facility is about the worst thing that can happen. However, not every senior can handle it alone. That is where senior caregivers come in.

senior caregivers

Senior caregivers are people who have dedicated their lives to making sure seniors can remain in their own houses for as long as possible. Sometimes they are family members. Other times, they are hired professionals.

Caregivers perform various functions. There are some seniors who are frail and cannot complete even simple tasks. Bathing, grooming themselves, preparing meals or cleaning their houses can be a chore. A home health aide can come to the home and assist the senior with those mundane, yet necessary activities.

However, there are other seniors who have serious health problems. They require different types of senior caregivers. They need registered nurses or other health professionals who can administer medication and perform other medical tasks.

A caregiver can also come in the more modest form of simple companionship. Most states have programs in which a volunteer will come to the house just to keep homebound seniors company, to let them know they are not alone in the world. There are also programs in which volunteers call seniors on the telephone daily.

Being a caregiver is not an easy job. Every state offers respite programs to give senior caregivers a break from their difficult and trying tasks. A temporary caregiver is sent to the home to take care of the senior’s needs.

We should all be thankful that people like this exist. Being a senior caregiver is a thankless job. But taking care of those who cannot care for themselves is vital to our families and our communities.

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