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Importance of Senior Nutrition


You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “Live to Eat or Eat to Live.” Well, most seniors do not have the “Live to Eat” luxury; rather, they need to eat the proper foods in order to maintain their health. But many seniors do not really understand the importance of senior nutrition. And perhaps more disturbing is that a number of seniors do not even have access to healthy foods.

senior nutrition

“Eating well is vital at any age, but as you get older, your daily food choices can make an important difference in your health. Good nutrition is one component of an overall strategy to stay healthy,” said Dr. Richard J. Hodes, of the National Institute on Aging.

However, nearly 9% of all seniors in the United States live below the poverty level, so obtaining healthy food, or any food at all for that matter, is very difficult. Federal and state governments are making sure those people do not go hungry and get the proper senior nutrition.

The Meals on Wheels program delivers hot and ready to eat meals directly to the houses of homebound seniors. For seniors who can get around, congregate meals are served at thousands of senior and community centers all over the country.

The food stamp program provides coupons for seniors to buy food at discount prices. Most states have a  voucher program that allows seniors to buy locally grown produce and vegetables at farmers markets. And there are programs that offer a monthly delivery of food items.

For seniors who do not qualify for these services, they are also not alone. There are resources all over the Internet to help you with senior nutrition. You could also follow this simple advice:

“It is important for older adults to select foods that provide them with the nutrients and energy they need for healthy, active living,” said Dr. Hodes.

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