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Best Medical Alert Wearable Buttons

Medical Guardian Mini Guardian

Medical Guardian Mini Guardian

Medical alert buttons make life easy by helping you connect with emergency assistance as quickly as possible. Not only that, you can keep track of your devices and your loved ones to ensure their security regardless of where they are.

This post talks about wearable first alert devices that come in the form of buttons. Yes, your medical device would no more be a complex gadget that comes with a series of complicated operations that may delay connecting you to an emergency contact.

Read further to understand how your life can become more accessible than ever with first alert medical buttons.

Medical Alert Button Responses

Medical alert systems intend to reach out for help with a single button without going through the complexities of functions.

Below are a few first alert medical device buttons that enable reaching out help with a single touch.

Fall Detection 4G & WIFI Button for Seniors

Getting access to emergency help that’s available 24/7 for seniors needs to be free from all sorts of confusion and complications. Therefore, we bring you medical alert buttons for seniors that can make emergency help reach them quickly and provide you with peace of mind.

Categories of Buttons Available

There are two broad categories of medical alert devices that come with a range of wearable buttons with functions inclusive of:

  • Long-lasting battery life lasting up to 120 hours or more
  • Fall alert detection that automatically senses an emergency fall and will inform the emergency assistance team automatically
  • A wide range of coverage with an extent of 1300 feet
  • Backed up with people’s trust and recommendation

The two broad categories of first alert gadgets are on-the-go devices and Home systems. As the name suggests, on-the-go devices are mobile devices, while home systems are emergency assistance buttons fixated in your homes.

On-the-go Gadgets

Active Guardian Button

Active guardian has been a favorite medical alert button for most users. People have reported having a comfortable and life-altering experience since they opted for the active guardian wearable button.

It comes with enabled GPS function and Wi-Fi to ensure connectivity that is strong and distortion-free. In addition, this medical alert button can be worn around the neck to connect with the emergency team and have coherent, two-way communication.

Mobile Guardian Button 2.0

Another smart and innovative wearable first alert medical guardian button is Mobile Guardian 2.0. Users can not only wear it around the neck; they can also attach it to their clothes or bags.

It is a lightweight, easy-to-carry medical alert button that helps connect with the emergency team that is available for help 24/7 in situations where you’ve lost your way around, are stuck on rugged terrain, having panic attacks, or fell, etc. It comes with 5-day battery life and advanced functions for high precision location monitoring via GPS, Wi-Fi, and LTE.

Apart from first alert gadgets that back you up when you are on the go, the medical guardian has a range of buttons for home systems as well.

Gadgets For Home

Classic Guardian

Classic guardian is a home system alert with a wearable emergency alert button that can be worn either around the neck as a necklace or around the wrist as a bracelet.

This button helps users connect with the emergency assistance team from a range of 1300 feet with access to two-way distortion-free communication. The button is not only wearable but also wall mounted. Help can be reached if a user falls and is unable to get help him or herself and is also water-resistant.

Home 2.0

Home 2.0 covers a much wider area extending up to 1400 feet. This home system with a water-proof wearable button makes life more accessible than ever. It can be synchronized with other devices and carried in showers with a power backup of 32 hours.

It makes life worry-free since it keeps the users connected to the emergency team 24/7. In addition, it is lightweight, fast, and highly reliable.

Fall Alert Button

The fall alert button can be worn either in a necklace or a bracelet or can even be attached to clothing. This button enables users to get automatic emergency help without the user’s intervention upon detecting a fall.

The Final Word!

Make emergency assistance more accessible not only for seniors but for everyone around you. You can use these first alert buttons not only for your spouse, the elderly but for your safety. Get a medical alert button for you today and live a worry-free life.

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