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Best Medical Alert For Mom

One of the best gifts you could give mom for Mother’s Day is one that could save her life. Many of us have strong bonds with our mother and as we grow older, parents

Protecting Seniors From CoronaVirus

With the recent Pandemic of the CoronaVirus, the senior population have become the highest risk category for getting the Covid-19 Virus and for getting serious illness from the disease. There are number of theories

Protein and Senior Health – Are You Getting Enough?

How much protein do older adults need? According to an article published by Harvard Medical School, daily protein needs for seniors has not yet been established. However, the same article reports that in a

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

A study by the Pew Research Center finds 78% of people over the age of 65 have a cell phone. Just 30% of seniors have smartphones; after all, they are not busy swiping left

Don’t Count on Cell Phone in Emergencies

One of the arguments against having a medical alert system is that you do not need one; after all, you have a cell phone. The thinking is if you fall or suffer a medical

Medical Alert Scam Shut Down

The Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General have shut down a medical alert scam that preyed on senior citizens. It is yet another example proving that all people, especially the elderly, have

Keeping an Aging Nation Safe

As medical technologies advance, people are living longer lives. This is nothing new; it has been happening for centuries now. But in our day and age, people who are in pretty bad shape are

Too Old to Buy Life Insurance?

In a perfect world everyone would buy life insurance when they are young. However, sometimes money is tight and cannot be spent on something that will only pay off when you are dead. Perhaps

Pennsylvania Medical Alert

An estimated 15% of all of the residents of Pennsylvania are over the age of 65. That is one of the highest ratios in the nation. So it is no surprise that Pennsylvania medical alert

Florida Medical Alert

When you think senior citizens, it is only natural to think of Florida. After all, how often do you hear, “I am retiring to Florida”? An astonishing 17.6% of the state’s population is over

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