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A medical alert system has always been a good thing, giving seniors the peace of mind that if they have a medical emergency, help is just the press of a button away. The only drawback was that it only worked inside the home. But no more, not with the advent of the mobile alert system.

mobile alert system.

Here’s how it works — the mobile device is about the size of a deck of cards and contains cellular technology. Seniors can take it with them wherever they go, and if trouble arises, all they have to do it press the emergency button on the device or on their medical alert pendant. They will be able to communicate with the medically trained monitor directly through the device,

The unit also contains GPS, so the monitor will know exactly where you are and where to send help. This is very helpful because seniors might not know where they are or they may be confused after suffering the emergency and might not be able to tell the operator where they are.

The unit for the mobile alert system is battery-powered, so it is important that it remains charged. Seniors can stand the device in the charging unit so it will actually act as a base unit when the senior is home. The cellular service works at home as well so there is no need for a traditional telephone line.

While all medical alert systems help seniors maintain their independence, the mobile alert system can help seniors remain active. Some seniors fear leaving their houses because they would be without help if they suffer a medical emergency. Now they do not have to have that fear. They can have the same peace of mind on the road that they have at home.

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