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Personal Alarm Systems for Seniors


For decades now people have relied on personal alarm systems to keep them safe and to give them the peace of mind that if something does happen, they are not really alone. But there are various types of personal alarm systems. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

personal alarm system

The most common alarm system would be a burglar alarm. Your home is wired (or these days, wireless) to detect intruders. If one happens to get in, an alarm would sound and an alert would be sent to a central monitoring facility. If it is indeed a break in, the police will be called.

Another type of personal alarm system is a small keychain-type device that you carry with you. If you are out and about and someone tries to attack you, you can press a button and an ear-piercing alarm will ring out. That should be enough to scare the attacker away, or at least signal to others on the street that you need help.

Our favorite personal alarm system (obviously) is the medical alert system. Designed primarily for seniors, with this type of system, if a medical or other type of emergency arises, all you would have to do is press a button on your medical pendant. A call would automatically be placed to the monitoring facility and you would tell the medically-trained monitor what is wrong. If necessary an ambulance would be dispatched to your home.

Advances in technologies now allow for a mobile personal alarm system that you can take with you wherever you go. Packed with cellular and GPS technologies, you can now have the same protection outside the house that used to be exclusively available at home only.

The hope is that you will never use any type of personal alarm system. But if you have to, you will be thankful that you have one.

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