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Why Medical Guardian Medical Alert System? Why Not?


When you first begin shopping for a medical alert system, the name Medical Guardian may not come to mind. After all, it has only been in business for around 10 years as opposed to the decades for other companies. But being the relatively new kid on the block has its advantages and now Medical Guardian wants to hand those advantages onto you.

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First of all, Medical Guardian is not stuck in the old ways of doing business. For example, many old school companies still charge you for such things as service activation, equipment and shipping that equipment to you. It’s just what they’ve always done. Not Medical Guardian. Those services are free — always has been, always will be.

Medical Guardian is also forward thinking in regards to technology. While some older companies fear it, Medical Guardian embraces it. Fall detection is a classic example. Some companies use the excuse that fall the fall protection technology is not reliable as a reason not to offer it. Medical Guardian is proud to offer the potentially life-saving service.

Many companies still require you to have a traditional phone line to use their medical alarm. It is the 21st century — who still has an old-fashioned phone? Medical Guardian offers an optional base unit with cellular service built right in.

But the company’s crowning achievement is a mobile medical alert system that you can take with you wherever you go. It is packed with cellular and GPS technology that offers you protection wherever you are. Those old companies do not offer this, perhaps not understanding the changing lifestyles of seniors.

It is always nice to go with a tried and true company which has offered steady service for as long as anyone can remember. But where is the innovation? Don’t you demand the latest technologies that are available, especially when it is a literal matter of life or death? You’ll get that with Medical Guardian.

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