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Medication Monitoring for Senior Safety


Anna’s daughter Mary began noticing that her 84-year-old mother was occasionally exhibiting odd behavior, such as getting angry over little things, feeling more anxious, and having trouble sleeping. She checked with Anna’s doctor, and he was able to verify that Anna had been skipping some of her medications due to forgetfulness. On his recommendation, Mary started checking into home medical alert systems to solve the problem.

Anna still lived on her own, so Mary wasn’t there every day, all day, to see that Anna took her meds at the scheduled times. She was elated to find that there are numerous systems on the market that can be used specifically to alert people to take their medications. These home medical alert systems not only help people stay on schedule with their critical medications—especially those living alone—they also provide a fast and efficient way for a senior to summon help if an emergency arises.

Emergency Alert and Medication Monitoring Systems

The basic setup for these emergency systems involves a base unit installed in the home and connected to a landline or cellular line. In a crisis, an elderly person in the home can access the unit by pressing an emergency button on the base, a pendant or bracelet. If you fall, have a heart attack, or suddenly become ill, for example, an on-call operator will immediately answer via a microphone system to find out what the emergency is and send help if needed.

Some of these same home medical alert systems can also sound an alarm and flash a light to notify you that it is time to take your medications. Some systems can be set up to detect and then alert an operator if you for some reason do not take the medications. In addition, there are secure medication dispensers that can be connected to these systems that will automatically dispense the exact medications needed at the right time. In fact, pharmacies can prefill the dispensers, making that necessary duty a cinch. Of course, not only can home medical alert systems help you remember to take medications, it can also prevent overdosing when incorporating a dispenser.

Never Forget Medications Again!

Medication monitoring has completely changed the picture for Anna, Mary and their whole family. They no longer worry that Anna will forget to take or overdose her medications, and her usual sunny disposition is back. With added security in case Anna has a fall, heart attack, stroke or other emergency when alone, the family feels secure that she will get help fast if needed.

If you or a loved one needs help with medication management in an efficient and secure way, take a look at the various systems available to find the one that fits your budget and needs. There’s no substitute for peace of mind as our seniors navigate their golden years. Now, easy-to-use technology is changing the way we will all move into the future.

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