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iPhone Apps for Medical Alert


The market for mobile medical alert systems with GPS tracking is growing rapidly, and there seems to be new products and systems coming to market and being touted on a daily basis. In an earlier post , we discussed some recent trends for alert systems that incorporate GPS technology into mobile devices for monitoring regardless of location.

In addition to some of these newer systems offering GPS monitoring are a handful of iPhone and other smartphone applications that also provide monitoring for your seniors.

There are new advances in mobile personal emergency response systems. Many of these devices operates from both iPhone and Droid cellular phones. Similar to other mobile alert buttons, seniors are provided monitoring anytime and from any location, ensuring that your senior stays safe 24/7.

Many apps offer consumers a simple and user-friendly experience. By simply pressing the alert button on the app, seniors are instantly connected with the call center. Emergency personnel are immediately alerted to who pressed the button and exactly where they are based on GPS technology.

The most ideal solution for keeping your senior safe and providing with you non-stop peace of mind have now entered the digital world. Consumers can download apps for free via the iTunes store, and then register for an account to start a trial.

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