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Pros & Cons of ADT Medical Alert System


When choosing a medical alert provider, you can do worse than going with the industry leader, and that would be ADT. But like every company, ADT is not perfect. Here are some pros and cons of going with an ADT medical alert system.

The obvious advantage is reliability. ADT has been in business since 1874. It started in the telegraph business but moved into home protection in 1910. It operates in 35 countries had has 8+ million customers in the United States and Canada alone. That number includes burglar alarms in addition to ADT medical alert systems.

Because of its size, ADT is able to operate six monitoring centers in the United States. Most medical alert providers have only two.

ADT medical alert systems are on the cutting edge of technology. ADT is one of the few companies which offers fall detection. It also has a base unit that has built-in cellular technology so you do not need to have a traditional telephone line to use the system.

ADT’s pricing is competitive with the rest of the industry. Price lock guarantee that ensures that your monthly monitoring rate will never go up.

But these cons are minor compared to the high-quality service an ADT medical alert system would provide.

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