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Senior Alert System from Medical Guardian


After much deliberation, you have finally decided that getting a medical alert system  would be the prudent thing to do. Now you have to begin shopping. It is smart to consider every company, but at the end of the day you could do far worse than to purchase an alert system

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The Medical Guardian company offers top quality service regardless of which order you place their names.

One of the best things is that it is at the cutting edge of technology. It offers a completely wireless system that features built-in cellular service in the base unit so you no longer need a traditional telephone line. That option is a big money-saver.

Another option is fall protection. Sensors in the medical pendant can detect when a wearer falls down. A signal is sent to the base unit and a call is automatically placed to the central monitoring center. Medical Guardian is one of the few companies that offer fall detection; other providers do not think the technology is reliable enough.

If you are an active senior, you might want to consider a system that is mobile. A battery-powered device the size of a pack of cards goes with you wherever you go. The unit has GPS and cellular technology built in, so if there is an emergency you can communicate with the monitor through the unit. The GPS will tell the monitor exactly where you are and send help right to you.

Medical Guardian is one of the top providers of medical alert systems. Its equipment and monitoring are among the industry leaders and its prices are among the lowest.

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