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Seniors Sharing Knowledge: Mentoring Programs


Senior mentoring programs bring people of different generations together for the benefit of both. These programs in which older adults act as supportive role models for children and youth are a creative way to serve the needs of both the young and elderly. They not only benefit the senior citizens and young people who participate in the programs, but also have a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Benefits of Mentoring Programs for Children and Youth

Intergenerational mentoring programs that match senior citizens with children and young people who need extra attention can create an opportunity to forge a strong relationship with an older adult. In a society that has become segregated by age, breaking down the barriers between generations with mentoring provides activities and learning opportunities for children and youth.

Children with senior mentors often benefit with increased motivation to learn and better leadership and communication skills. Mentoring can lead to greater knowledge and skills and higher self-esteem for young people. By spending time and forming a bond with an older person, children also develop a greater understanding of what aging is all about, and an increased respect for the elderly.

Benefits of Mentoring Programs for Senior Citizens

When seniors and retirees volunteer their time to serve as mentors for young people, the children and teens are not the only ones who benefit. Volunteer work in mentoring can give seniors a greater sense of purpose and lead to a greatly improved quality of life.

These programs allow seniors to develop new and positive relationships with children and youth in the community. Mentoring can go a long way toward alleviating depression and the sense of isolation that some seniors experience in their later years.

Tutoring students or mentoring young adults gives seniors an opportunity to transfer values, knowledge, and skills to a younger generation and remain involved in the community. In exchange for giving of their knowledge and time, seniors are rewarded with the personal satisfaction that comes from volunteering.

Medical Alarm Systems and Senior Mentoring

With age comes wisdom and also a higher risk of health problems such as heart attack, stroke, and serious falls. For active seniors involved in mentoring and volunteer services, medical alarm systems can help reduce the worry about health emergencies so you can focus on giving your attention to others and enjoying life.

Wearing a medical alert pendant or bracelet, seniors can have help on the way with the touch of a button in the event of an emergency. Some medical alert systems using GPS technology can travel with you, so you can get the help you need on the way immediately, no matter where you are when a health emergency arises. Mobile medical alarm systems may be ideal for senior citizens on the go, volunteering their time in mentoring and other programs.

Medical alarm systems come with different options. Several well-known companies offer systems with mobile GPS technology and a cellular option (as opposed to a landline) for your medical alarm system base. Our medical alert comparison may be helpful in selecting the right system to suit your needs.

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