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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

The cold winter months bring challenges for everyone, and particularly for senior citizens. When the temperature plummets, older adults face a higher risk of health issues and weather-related injuries, including frostbite, hypothermia, and falls.

Medications and Senior Falls: The Risks

Seniors are at a far higher risk of falls than any other age group, with falls the leading cause of accidental injuries for adults age 65 and older. While there are physical changes associated

Seniors and Balance Problems

The sense of balance can be noticeably affected by aging. Even healthy older adults often find that their balance that is less secure than it was when they were younger. Good balance is important

Seniors Take on Responsible Roles

Even though Joe is 68 years old, he still mows his own lawn, cooks for himself and his wife Millie, while Millie does laundry, light cleaning and grocery shopping. And they wouldn’t have it

Mobile Medical Alert Systems for Active Seniors

A monitored medical alert system installed in the home provides added protection for seniors in an emergency when they can’t make it to a telephone to place a call for help. But what about

PERS offering more

Personal Emergency Response System PERS – Personal Emergency Response systems are offering more features with the monthly subscription. The system now offers gps tracking and a fall detection feature. The pendants are now equipped

Choosing Right Medical Alert System for You

So you have finally come around to the fact that having a medical alert system is as much a necessity as it is a luxury. Once you begin shopping, you might be overwhelmed by

Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

Most medical experts and advocates for the elderly agree that medical alert systems for seniors should be part of the plan for a long, healthy and independent life for those over the age of

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